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What is Patient RM?

In addition to being the name of the company, Patient RM is also our suite of service offerings. It stands for Patient Relationship Management. We believe that managing the entire life cycle of a patient as it pertains to a clinical trial is the only way of ensuring accurate and meaningful scientific results.

Our services

Our Patient RM Services are designed to manage & harmonize the patient/site relationship.

A Methodology in the Making

Were transforming Patient RM into a methodology that formalizes the process of patient relationship management.

Our Technology Suite

Our Patient RM Technology is custom built to accurate collect & report on the data the project team needs as well as give the site an exceptional interface where communication and referral downloading is simple and uncomplicated.

Our Services

Services are flexible and tailored to fit your study for maximum efficiency and results. Our thoroughly trained agents work with proprietary software for data entry, tracking, reporting and data management. The software ensures consistent script delivery and accurate screening. Sponsors, CROs, investigators, subject recruitment firms and ad agencies rely on Patient RM for:

A Methodology In The Making

We are formalizing our Patient RM processes into a methodology. It has been proven that managing the patient relationship across the entire spectrum, from recruitment through to the final stage of the study is the key to realizing the best results and increasing your ROI. The further a patient gets in the study, the more valuable the relationship becomes. Anything of value should be handled with consistency and care, hence our commitment to this process and to you.

Our Technology Suite

"The best referral management portal I have ever used" - Study Coordinator.

Our Patient RM Technology Suite is a custom built, proprietary software platform built solely around the unique requirements of clinical trials. An excellent portal for data entry, tracking, reporting and data management, it is a turn-key, easy to use and powerful solution that consistently receives great reviews from our customers. It is built as a secure platform compliant with HIPAA in the US and PIPEDA in Canada and ties all reporting into a single source regardless of what method is used for pre-screening.

We have an "uptime" of 99.94% which is considerably higher than industry standards and means virtually continuous service for our clients. Security of our systems is always top priority to protect both our ability to do our work as well as the privacy and confidentiality of our patients and clients.

Global Focus

There is a need in the marketplace for partners who can deal with patients in many languages, countries and sites.
Patient RM is a partner who will take on your international patient requirements. We can do inbound and outbound patient prescreening by phone and internet.

  • 80% of subject recruitment programs fail to launch as scheduled.
  • Fewer than 20% of studies end on schedule
  • 22% are delayed by one month
  • 72% are delayed by more than one month

Work with our International team at Patient RM on your next study to simplify your recruitment and Improve your results.

Our Executive Team

We have a team that is on the front line serving our customers every day. They are well trained in matters of patient recruitment and are professionals at prescreening. They are trained to deal with all patient related things that we are called on to deal with relating to clinical trials. We all put a huge emphasis on treating all patients with respect and dignity. Out team believes that every patient should be treated professionally, especially when dealing with personal health matters, which can be uncomfortable for people. Our live agents are well spoken, and are native speakers, which is important when dealing with International projects.

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Doug Jenkins


Doug is an IT expert with a passion for collaboration and entrepreneurship. Doug has been with Claire from the beginning, building the proprietary software, implementing the phone system and leading the technology direction for the company. Doug is a world class technology professional with decades of experience, much of it working for a multi-billion dollar energy company. Doug’s corporate technical expertise on the executive team is one of the reasons Patient RM is so powerful and secure yet so elegant and intuitive to use.

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Geoff Marney

President & Managing Director, International Markets

Geoff is an International Business Executive with decades of experience. After returning from Heidelberg, Germany in 2016, where he headed up international business development for a cloud based medical software company, he joined Patient RM as the Managing Director of International markets. Geoff has become increasingly focused on the medical sector over the last five years is using that expertise to develop our Patient RM service offerings on a global basis.

Here's what people say about us!

  • Thanks for making me feel like I'm your only client.

    Associate Director, Global CRO

  • CDPRI is a highly responsive, customer service oriented company with a “can do” attitude. As partners to the team, they aid in facilitating outcome success in recruitment and retention programs.

    Melynda Guerts, COO D. Anderson & Co.

  • I am unbelievably impressed with the quality of referrals. I know that each referral will be usable and calling these referrals will not be a waste of my time. This has been the best experience I and my site ever have ever had. CDPRI is a great company to work with.

    Site Director

  • We hope to work with your company again. I have worked as a Director for three years and a coordinator for ten years and I have never said those words regarding a referral service!

    Study Director

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